Commit 55ef2e75 authored by Mark A. Greer's avatar Mark A. Greer Committed by Samuel Ortiz

NFC: trf7970a: Remove unnecessary local variable initialization

There is no need to initialize the 'ret' variable
in trf7970a_resume().
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark A. Greer <[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSamuel Ortiz <[email protected]>
parent 671970f5
......@@ -2139,7 +2139,7 @@ static int trf7970a_resume(struct device *dev)
struct spi_device *spi = container_of(dev, struct spi_device, dev);
struct trf7970a *trf = spi_get_drvdata(spi);
int ret = 0;
int ret;
dev_dbg(dev, "Resume\n");
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