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items-misc/better-equipment-arktwend: Added version 1.0

parent 34f83ffe
DIST 31597511 BLAKE3 f1657105cf7d68f6ccb3988c31bef2153728f706be6afc5aaadd5d4fb5083a8f MD5 847c61c73a330f820050c786f46622e3
# Copyright 2019-2021 Portmod Authors
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3
from pybuild import File, InstallDir, Pybuild1
from import NexusMod
class Package(NexusMod, Pybuild1):
NAME = "Better Equipment for Arktwend"
DESC = "Compilation of some Better Clothes plugins and Better Morrowind Armor, adapted for Arktwend."
KEYWORDS = "openmw"
LICENSE = "all-rights-reserved"
NEXUS_SRC_URI = """ ->
RDEPEND = "base/arktwend"
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