Verified Commit d041349f authored by pokkst's avatar pokkst

Remove dots from displaying. Make frontend cleaner.

parent e3e7b412
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......@@ -12400,8 +12400,7 @@ body { font-family: Arial; }
<div class="menu" id="menu"></div>
<div id="generate" style="border-color:#fff; text-align:center; font-family:Arial; font-size:24px;">
<span id="generatelabelbitcoinaddress">Generate a Bitcoin Cash Paperwallet</span><br />
<span id="generatelabelmovemouse">Move your mouse around to generate a wallet. </span><span id="mousemovelimit"></span><br />
<span id="generatelabelmovemouse">Move your mouse around to generate a paperwallet</span><br><span id="mousemovelimit"></span><br />
<span id="generatelabelkeypress"></span><input type="hidden" id="generatekeyinput"/><br />
<div id="seedpooldisplay"></div>
......@@ -12856,7 +12855,8 @@ ninja.seeder = {
div.setAttribute("class", "seedpoint"); = y + "px"; = x + "px";
//too lazy to remove actual point logic, so we just dont push points here to keep them hidden.
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