Scripts to clean, concatenate, and post podcast episodes.

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This is a suite of tools I wrote to manage the recordings, posts, RSS feeds, and Atom feeds, of my internet show, Gnu World Order.

It is compatible with all official arches of Slackware, including ARM, and any Linux distribution, and was written largely on NetBSD.

It consists three BASH scripts:

  1. podprep to normalize (level) and de-noise your show segments
  2. podstitch to stitch show segments together into one file, with optional crossfades
  3. podwrite to upload the show and related HTML and XML files


All require BASH. These are dirty hacks and haven't been tested in TCSH or KSH. I'm happy to accept generic POSIX ports, but since my multimedia machine runs BASH, that's what I've written this for.

They also all require a POSIX operating system (Linux or BSD) or a really good approximation (OS X? WSL??)

Additional requirements:


  • normalize (normalize-audio on Debian-alikes): to level audio
  • sox: to de-noise and convert
  • ffmpeg: to convert and downmix


  • sox: to stitch the files into one

Podstitch Optional

  • crossfade.sh: for crossfading, put this script into your $PATH


  • The media (ie, your podcast episode you want to post)
  • lftp to post via FTP
  • gnupg to manage FTP passwords and user data

Podwrite Optional

  • Shownotes in HTML
  • Related links in HTML
  • id3v2 to tag your media

Issues and Bugs

To keep things simple, podwrite is not terribly flexible, and it's very much designed after my own desired workflow. In the future, I may work to make it more generic, but for now it's really just my workflow posted online.