Initial commit

"keyfiles": [ "mach" ],
"shell_cmd": "pkill -f x-sublime-build; ./mach build && ./mach run --x-sublime-build",
"working_dir": "$folder",
"variants": [
"name": "Build faster",
"shell_cmd": "pkill -f x-sublime-build; ./mach build faster && ./mach run --x-sublime-build"
"name": "Test file",
"shell_cmd": "./mach test $file"
This repository contains a file for integrating Mozilla’s [Mach]( build system into [Sublime Text 3](
## Installation
1. Download the [Mach.sublime-build]( file,
2. Open Sublime Text Packages directory (using the `Preferences ▸ Browse Package…` menu item),
3. Copy `Mach.sublime-build` inside the Packages `User` sub-directory.
## Usage
Sublime Text will automatically set the build system to `Mach` when working in a folder containing a root-level `mach` file.
_You can also configure it manually, by setting the `Tools ▸ Build System ▸ Mach` setting._
- Use `Tools ▸ Build with…` (or `Shift+Ctrl+B`) to select the build commands:
- `Mach build` build and run the browser (default).
- `Mach - Build faster`: run `mach build faster`, which only copies Javascript files without recompiling native files.
- `Mach - Test file`: run tests for the currently opened test file.
- Use `Tools ▸ Build` (or `Ctrl+B`) to run the last used build action again.
For each build action the output logs will be displayed in a Sublime Text panel.
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