Commit e80f122c authored by Xavier Valcarce's avatar Xavier Valcarce

Typos and minor fixes

parent 5599a39a
......@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ class RAC222(NVProblem):
X = [rnd.pureNormalizedDensityMatrix(dim) for _ in range(4)]
U = [rnd.unitary(2) for _ in range(2)]
M = [np.array([[1,0],[0,0]]), np.array([[0,0],[0,1]])]
X += [u@m@u.conj().T for u in U for in M]
X += [u@m@u.conj().T for u in U for m in M]
return X
def operatorTpyes(self):
types = [[0]*4]*2
def operatorTypes(self):
types = [list(range(4)), list(range(4,8))]
return types
def sampleStateKraus(self):
......@@ -39,6 +39,6 @@ class NVSettings:
return picosSettins
return picosSettings
#TODO: Implement settings for other solvers.
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