Commit ae13e544 authored by Peter Lin's avatar Peter Lin

Update definitions.json to add LEARNING_USING_PRIVILEGED_INFORMATION algorithm type

parent 7829ca3c
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......@@ -1904,6 +1904,7 @@
{"enum": ["LASSO"], "description": ""},
{"enum": ["LATENT_DIRICHLET_ALLOCATION"], "description": ""},
{"enum": ["LATENT_SEMANTIC_ANALYSIS"], "description": ""},
{"enum": ["LEARNING_USING_PRIVILEGED_INFORMATION"], "description": "Algorithm can leverage privileged information available in training data but absent in test data"},
{"enum": ["LEARNING_VECTOR_QUANTIZATION"], "description": ""},
{"enum": ["LEAST_SQUARES_SUPPORT_VECTOR_MACHINE"], "description": ""},
{"enum": ["LEAVE_ONE_OUT"], "description": ""},
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