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  • v1.6.6   Version 1.6.6
    67932ac3 · Version 1.6.6 ·
    • Support for multi-metric registration
    • Support for multi-planar registration
    • Support image masks in multi-planar registration
    • Support for dmap registration metric type
    • Many dose calculation improvements
    • DICOM RT Ion plan support
    • Many other bug fixes
  • v1.6.5   Version 1.6.5
    b5ebb8b1 · Version 1.6.5 ·
    • Improved support for DICOM RT ion plan
    • Better handling study-wide DICOM metadata
    • Allow use of system dlib library
    • XiO import has better support for unequal slice spacing
    • Improvements to registration GUI
  • v1.6.4   Bump to version 1.6.4
    25d3ea3d · Bump version number ·
    • Convert to new gitlab host
    • Windows binary fixes
    • Allow building DLLs without manifests
    • Re-enable wed code
    • Fix incorrect CUDA initialization when not being used
    • Add lbfgsb_mmax option to registration parameter file
  • v1.6.3   Version 1.6.3
    62a926df · Bump version number ·
    • WiX based windows install
    • Many proton dose enhancements
    • Many MABS enhancements
    • Gamma_gui and register_gui programs
    • DICOM metadata enhancements
    • Default MI metric for ITK implementations is now Mattes
    • Vector fields can now be saved as any ITK format
    • Multi-DRR options can now use any starting angle and can save details file
    • Dij matrix warping works again
    • You can now select gpuid in registration command file
    • Fix image convert failure for when resampling without supplied xform
    • Fix image resize crash
    • Fix for loading ITK volumes with non-zero index attributes
    • Fix DICOM loading RTDOSE with non-identity direction cosines
  • v1.6.2   Version 1.6.2
    ab6f690e · Bump version number ·
    • New MABS post-processing feature to fill holes and remove islands
    • Center of gravity pre-alignment for registration and MABS
    • Fix subtle bug in gamma computation with mask
    • Fix bug in Hausdorff calculation with single slice images
    • Fix crash in vf_invert
    • Build system fixes for non-intel platforms
    • Remove dependency on bstrlib
  • v1.6.1   Version 1.6.1
    9a5b1eaa · Bump version number ·
    • Remove dependency on patched ITK library
    • Implement max avg Hausdorff statistic
    • Workaround for regression test failures on i386
    • Remove obsolete libraries: getopt, dbf, FindCUDA
  • v1.6.0   Version 1.6.0
    9c10bcc4 · Update version number ·
    • Registration supports grid search
    • Registration supports gradient magnitude
    • Registration landmarks can now appear in stages
    • Registration improved ROI support
    • Registration resolutions can now be subsampled by voxel, mm, or percent
    • Gamma calculation supports local gamma, interp-search, other improvements
    • New plastimatch filter command for filtering with gabor, gauss, others
    • Many MABS updates
    • Many dose calculation improvements
    • Fix problem rasterizing tilted structures
    • Several DICOM fixes
    • Several parallelization improvements
    • Run registration in worker thread; allow restartable registrations
    • Many other bug fixes
  • v1.5.17   Version 1.5.17
    320f03b9 · Bump version number ·
  • v1.5.16   Version 1.5.16
    a0a642b2 · Bump plastimatch version ·
    • Many mabs updates
    • Many proton dose calculation updates
    • Improve handling of DICOM slope/offset on export
    • DICOM image loading no longer uses ITK when DCMTK is present
    • DICOM SRO export fixes
    • Let plastimatch stats use DICOM input
    • Let plastimatch gamma work without creating output file
    • Add noise option to plastimatch synth
    • Add min_its and convergence_tol options to lbfgsb optimizer
  • v1.5.15   Version 1.5.15
    81827b54 · Bump version number ·
    • Support for DICOM export of spatial registration object
    • Fix bug in computing statistics with a mask
    • Fix two debian bugs
  • v1.5.14   Version 1.5.14
    915ce372 · Bump version number ·
    • Many MABS improvements, especially atlas selection and configuration
    • Implement per-stage masking capabilities
    • Add ITK diff, ldd, sym-ldd demons
    • Add ITK optimizers FRPR and OnePlusOne
    • Add MI intensity threshold options
    • Add ITK normalized mutual information
    • Add plastimatch dmap command
    • New fast native Danielsson distance map implementation
    • Many improvements in wed, dew, and proton_dose
    • Many DICOM improvements
    • Add capability to load Elekta XVI format
    • Fix for important gamma calculation bug
  • v1.5.13   Version 1.5.13
    e6046415 · Bump version number ·
    • DICOM interchange using dcmtk now complete
    • ITK 4 support now complete
    • The wed command can now generate beam apertures and range compenators
    • Better support for Kepler architecture GPUs
    • Many external API improvements
    • Internal smart pointer support for plastimatch native types
    • Bug fixes in mutual information
    • Bug fixes in hausdorff computation
  • v1.5.12   Version 1.5.12
    f0529ca9 · Bump version number ·
    • B-spline support for direction cosines
    • Alpha version of plastimatch library API
    • Vector field inverter "vf_invert" now officially supported
    • Add "adjust" command for changing image intensities
    • Better support for masks in B-spline registration
    • Better ITK4 and DCMTK support
    • Add support for loading Elkta/NKI CBCT format images
    • Beta version of "mabs" command for atlas-based segmentation
    • Beta version of "wed" command for water-equivalent pathlength computation
    • Move dice command into plastimatch executable
    • Move structure set union command into plastimatch executable
    • Move sift feature detection command into plastimatch executable
    • Fix potential divide by zero in B-spline registration
    • Bug fixes in DVH computation
    • Bug fixes and speed improvements for B-spline warper
    • Speed improvements for Dice calculation
  • v1.5.11   Version 1.5.11
    0f44364d · Bump version number ·
    • Reorganize code into smaller libraries
    • Mostly complete support for ITK 4
    • Improve performance of native B-spline registration
    • Convert/warp routine can now import "prefix directories"
    • Add "plastimatch average" command
    • Add "plastimatch synth-vf" command
    • Improve thumbnailer so it can auto window/level and export png or tiff
    • Improve aperture support in proton dose
    • Proton dose now uses configuration files
    • Bug fixes to threshbox, gamma analysis
    • Better (though still incomplete) dcmtk support
    • Add viscous as standalone program
    • Add support to specify study UIDs from command line
    • Upgrade dlib to 17.46
    • Fix bug calling demons stage after translation or rigid stage
    • Fix memory error resizing ITK B-spline transforms
  • v1.5.10   Version 1.5.10
    • Embedded lua-based scripting engine
    • Final version of sift code
    • Improved direction-cosine support in B-spline registration
    • Image masking support for B-spline registration
    • Fix memory error in vector field warper
    • Incomplete support of dcmtk 3.6 for dicom file i/o
    • New synthetic image generators: grid, lung
  • v1.5.9   Version 1.5.9
    79ef161b · Update changelog ·
    • New auto-4D feature introduced to command file
    • Attempt to fix big-endian build on debian (yet again)
  • v1.5.8   Version 1.5.8
    966ddf70 · Update version number ·
    • Attempt to fix big-endian build on debian (again)
  • v1.5.7   Version 1.5.7
    977497c6 · Bump version number ·
    • Add weighted addition to plastimatch add command
    • Improve compatibility for CUDA 4.X
    • Fix bug creating directory when writing bspline xform file
    • Fix floating point rounding issue in writing DICOM dose
  • v1.5.6   Version 1.5.6
    04c090ac · Bump version number ·
    • Partial fix for B-spline registration problems when direction cosines are not identity
    • B-spline warper is now multi-threaded
    • Fix memory error with large image sizes
    • New slicer plugin for isodose, dose comparison extraction
    • Fix bug rasterizing more than eight structures
    • Fix program abort when putting B-spline stage after demons stage
    • Fix program abort when writing dicom for images without existing metadata
    • Add vector field to B-spline converter to xf-convert command
    • Get metadata from referenced CT if there is no other existing metadata
    • Option feval_max is now respected when using the liblbfgs optimizer with B-splines
    • Improve portability to big-endian, unsigned char platforms
    • Add direction cosines option to resample command
    • Fix bug where dicom output was not written for fill command
    • Add panel offset option to FDK reconstructor
  • v1.5.5   Version 1.5.5
    497a34b3 · Bump version number ·
    • Add support for landmark penalty to B-spline registration
    • First working version of plastimatch autolabel
    • Add --xor-contours option for converting DICOM-RT structure sets
    • Implement a primitive synthetic_vf command
    • Fix bug where demographics weren't loaded when converting Xio dose
    • Fix bug where Xio dose was not converted due to version mismatch
    • Fix bug loading pointsets in txt format