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*** Welcome to Plastimatch ***
Plastimatch is a collection of command-line deformable registration
software programs, which can be used for anatomic matching of 3D data sets.
The main features include:
Plastimatch is a computer software application which has been designed
for volumetric (usually medical) image processing and
radiation therapy therapy applications. It can be used
for the following purposes:
1) Image conversion routines
2) Patient masking
3) B-Spline registration
4) Demons registration
5) Image warping
1) Deformable registration
2) Atlas-based segmentation
3) Image conversion and manipulation
4) Vector field conversion and manipulation
5) Gamma analysis
6) Dose calculation
7) Registration analysis (Jacobian)
8) Segmentation analysis (Dice, Hausdorff)
9) Many other things
In addition, plastimatch includes routines for:
For online documentation, please visit:
1) FDK cone-beam
2) DRR generation
Questions, comments, bug reports? Please post:
For help on installing plastimatch, please read INSTALL.TXT.
For help on using plastimatch, please read PLASTIMATCH.ODT.
An example parameter file is included as REGISTRATION.TXT.
Plastimatch is open source software, and can be used, modified, and
distributed, without cost, under a BSD-style license. This software is
intended for research use only, and is not approved by the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use. Please see LICENSE.TXT
for details.
Questions, comments, bug reports? Please send to:
Greg Sharp, MGH Radiation Oncology
<gcsharp A@T partners dot org>
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