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# Contributing
Thank you for your proposed contribution! This guide will help you along.
## Code of Conduct
This project has adopted the [TYPO3 Code of Conduct](
By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.
## Vision
The general idea of this project is described in the [README](./
## How to contribute
There are many ways to [contribute to Open Source projects](
beyond coding.
## Opening a ticket
- [Guide to open a ticket](
## Opening a Pull Request
- [Guide to open a Pull Request](
- [Guide to update a Pull Request](
## Coding Guidelines
This project has adopted the [PSR-2 Coding Style Guide](
## Release cycle
This project has adopted [SemVer 2 Versioning](
New commits are composed in `development` until a new version is released.
# LaMetric My Data Dataset Provider
Provide a dataset for the LaMetric 禄My Data (DIY)芦 app.
[![Build Status](](
[![Made With](](
Provide a dataset for the LaMetric
[My Data (DIY)]( app.
## Vision
This project allows editing and serving a file used by the LaMetric app
[My Data (DIY)](
- One change field only, no wizards or multistep forms
- Provide a file for PULL methods, don't support PUSH methods
## Requirements
## Installation
Packagist Entry
- Point your webserver to the `web` directory
- Add the complete URL to the data file `frames.json` to your 禄My Data (DIY)芦
app settings, for example ``
## Source
## Usage
- Set the environment variable `BASEURL` to overwrite the domain in the homepage
## License
GNU General Public License version 2 or later
The GNU General Public License can be found at
## Author
Dan Untenzu (<> / [@pixelbrackets](
## Changelog
See [./](
## Contribution
This script is Open Source, so please use, patch, extend or fork it.
[Contributions]( are welcome!
$title = AcmeApp::getTitle();

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