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Fix typo for swap partition in README

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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Unlike the CubieTruck image, this image does not use a 4.x series kernel but ins
**Changes to the CubieTruck rootfs:**
- Set root password to ***cendroid*** from blank to allow SSH from first boot
- Configure network interface to use DHCP on boot (old style interface naming, gig eth is eth0)
- Remove references to /swap and /boot from fstab (not used in this image)
- Remove references to swap and /boot partitions from fstab (not used in this image)
- Relabel the root filesystem to 'centos7-root' and mount using LABEL instead of UUID
- Remove 4.x kernel components (modules etc) that were included in CubieTruck base image
- Remove auditd and avahi from starting on boot due to minor errors (will follow up)
  • Hi, I try enable Vlan

    but it not wrok, can you tell me what your config file

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