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# Summary
(Provide a concise description of the encountered bug)
## Godot Version
(Provide the exact Godot version you were using when the bug appeared)
## GDnative-Go Version
(Provide the exact GDnative-Go version you were using when the bug appeared)
## Operating System and Architecture
(Provide your operating system name, version and architecture, example: Artix Linux, kernel-5.7.6-artix1-1 x86_64)
## Steps to reproduce
(How one can reproduce the issue - this is very important)
## Example Project
(If possible, please create an example project here on or that exhibits the problematic behavior and link it here in the bug report)
(If you already have a public repository with the contents of your project just link it here in the bug report)
## What is the current behavior?
(What actually happens)
## What is the expected behavior?
(What do you expected to happens)
## Relevant logs and/or screenshots and videos
(Paste any relevant logs - please use code block (```) to format console output, logs, and code)
(If the logs output is very long, use and post a link here in the bug report)
## Possible fixes
(If you happen to know why the bug happens, please share a link to the line of code that might be responsible of the problem and speak your mind about it)
/label ~bug ~reproduced ~needs-investigation
/cc @core-team
# Feature Request Form
(Present youself to the Community in a few lines)
## Feature Description
(Describe to the best of your abilities what your feature request is about)
## Motivation
(Give a concise explanation about why this feature should be implemented into GDnative-Go)
## Technical Aspects
(Provide technical details about how this feature could be implemented)
## Are you coding this feature yourself?
(In case that you are contributing this feature yourself make sure you check our [Contribute Guide](
[ ] Yes I am
[ ] No I am not
**important**: note that we ask feature contributors to become feature maintainers, make sure you are ready for such a commitment, if you are not, is better that you fork gdnative-go and implement that feature in your own fork yourself
/label ~feature-request
/cc @core-team
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# Feedback
(Thank you for becoming part of GDnative-Go Community, please provide your feedback using this template, your feedback is very important for us)
/label ~feedback
/cc @all-team
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