Verified Commit ded7ad07 authored by Oscar Campos's avatar Oscar Campos
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chore: add gdnativego target to magefile

parent 94b61cc4
......@@ -99,7 +99,12 @@ func RetrieveGodotDocumentation() error {
// Build builds the library to make sure everything is fine
func Build() error {
return sh.Run("go", "build", "-ldflags", ldflags, "-x", "./gdnative...")
return sh.Run("go", "install", "-ldflags", ldflags, "-x", "./gdnative/...")
// Gdnativego builds the gdnativego compiler and installs it
func Gdnativego() error {
return sh.Run("go", "install", "-ldflags", ldflags, "-x", "./cmd/gdnativego")
// getCurrentFilePath constructs and returns the current file path on the drive
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