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dist file corrected and next rev ready

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......@@ -15,13 +15,19 @@ et change version num dans and and
make new directory in the full_html directory and update the symolic link "last" with the ".." trick
#git clone (to clone)
merge master into master_github:
##merge master into master_github:
git checkout master_github
git merge master
<if needed git rm of files that should not be there (RELEASE_CHECK?)>
##<if needed git rm of files that should not be there>
git rm doc/RELEASE_CHECK
git rm doc/_build
git rm doc/full_html
commit and push on master_github:
##commit and push on master_github:
git commit -a -m 'new rev'
git push origin master_github
git push github master_github
<login with>
##<login with>
git checkout master
......@@ -6,13 +6,14 @@ setup(
author='G. Sagnol',
description='A Python Interface to Conic Optimization Solvers.',
"CVXOPT >= 1.1.4",
"numpy >= 1.6.2",
"six: >= 1.8.0"
"six >= 1.8.0"
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