Commit cf38462a authored by Guillaume Sagnol's avatar Guillaume Sagnol

None bounds caused a problem with mosek and compat py3

parent 711a22c5
......@@ -3450,7 +3450,7 @@ class Problem(object):
bdj0 = vbnds.get(j0,(-INFINITY,INFINITY))
if cons.typeOfConstraint=='lin=':
fx = rhstmp[i]/v0
if fx>=bdj0[0] and fx<=bdj0[1]:
if (bdj0[0] is None or fx>=bdj0[0]) and (bdj0[1] is None or fx<=bdj0[1]):
vbnds[j0] = (fx,fx)
raise Exception('an equality constraint is not feasible: xx_{0} = {1}'.format(
......@@ -3458,11 +3458,11 @@ class Problem(object):
elif (v0>0 and cons.typeOfConstraint=='lin<') or (v0<0 and cons.typeOfConstraint=='lin>'):
up = rhstmp[i]/v0
if up<bdj0[1]:
if bdj0[1] is None or up<bdj0[1]:
vbnds[j0] = (bdj0[0],up)
lo = rhstmp[i]/v0
if lo>bdj0[0]:
if bdj0[0] is None or lo>bdj0[0]:
vbnds[j0] = (lo,bdj0[1])
if cons.typeOfConstraint=='lin>':
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