Commit ccb05e2e authored by Guillaume Sagnol's avatar Guillaume Sagnol

merge conflict solved

parents ab6d8921 f42e3e6b
......@@ -139,12 +139,24 @@ class Problem(object):
"""status returned by the solver. The default when
a new problem is created is 'unsolved'.
self.obj_passed = []
"""list of solver instances where the objective has been passed"""
self._complex = False # problem has complex coefs
''' TO CHECK are we really entering this function? look at the doc of __del__
def __del__(self):
clean-up solver instances that must deleted manually
del self.msk_env
del self.msk_task
del self.cplex_Instance
del self.gurobi_Instance
del self.scip_solver
def __str__(self):
probstr = '---------------------\n'
probstr += 'optimization problem ({0}):\n'.format(self.type)
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