Commit a9046e57 authored by Guillaume Sagnol's avatar Guillaume Sagnol

removed conflict data

parent b1abff28
lancer python ../../ from directory /doc/full_html/x.x.x (former_version)
lancer script add_google_script directly from /doc
Changer CHANGE file
Creer dist file (python sdist) -> check that the doc is in the dist file ???
make html (to copy dist)
rsync to /www:
rsync -luzvr full_html/*
Register on pypi (python register, username guillaume.sagnol)
sed -i 's/Picos 0\.1\.0/Picos 0\.1\.1/g' picos/*.py
et change version num dans and and
make new directory in the full_html directory and update the symolic link "last" with the ".." trick
#git clone (to clone)
merge master into master_github:
commit and push on master_github:
git push github master_github
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