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CHANGES.txt uptodate

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......@@ -94,4 +94,11 @@ v 1.0.2, 30.01.15:
v 1.1.0, 15.04.15:
* PICOS is now compatible with **python 3+** (and remains compatible with python 2.6+). Many thanks to `Sergio Callegari <>`_ for this compatibility layer ! If you plan to work with PICOS and python3, think to install the most recent version of your solver (Mosek, Cplex, Gurobi, or Cvxopt). SCIP is not supported in python3+ at this point (but remains supported with python 2.x).
* PICOS is now available on `github <>`_.
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* PICOS is now available on `github <>`_.
v 1.1.1, 29.08.15:
Minor release with following changes:
* Partial trace of an Affine Expression, cf. :func:`partial_trace() <>`
* Bugfix for compatibility with python3 (thanks to `Sergio Callegari <>`_)
* Initial support for the SDPA solver (with the option ``solver='sdpa'``, picos works as a wrapper around the SDPA executable based on the :func:`write_to_file() <picos.Problem.write_to_file()>` function; thanks to `Petter Wittek <>`_ )
* Better PEP8-compliance
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