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(be likes (John Susie))
(be likes (John Pizza))
(be likes (Susie John))
(be friends (@X @Y)
(likes @X @Y)
(likes @Y @X) )
(be hates (@X @Y)
(not (likes @X @Y)) )
(be enemies (@X @Y)
(not (likes @X @Y))
(not (likes @Y @X)) )
# 20jul21 Software Lab. Alexander Burger
(be sister (@X @Y) (parents @X @M @F) (parents @Y @M @F) (different @X @Y))
(be parents (@C @M @F) (mother @C @M) (father @C @F))
(be mother (John Jenny))
(be mother (Susie Jenny))
(be mother (Frieda Jenny))
(be father (John Thomas))
(be father (Susie Thomas))
(be father (Frieda Thomas))
(be factorial (0 1) T)
(be factorial (@N @X)
(^ @A (dec @N))
(factorial @A @B)
(^ @X (* @N @B)) )
(be fibo (1 1) T)
(be fibo (2 1) T)
(be fibo (@N @X)
(^ @Y (dec @N))
(^ @Z (- @N 2))
(fibo @Y @A)
(fibo @Z @B)
(^ @X (+ @A @B))
(asserta (fibo (@N @X) T)) )
(be int (@N)
(^ @ (zero *N))
(^ @N (inc '*N)) )
(be prnum ()
(^ @ (zero *N))
(^ @
(println (inc '*N))
(>= *N 4) ) )
(be gennum (@N)
(^ @C (box 0))
(_gennum @N @C) )
(be _gennum (@N @C) (^ @ (>= (val @C) 4)) T (fail))
(be _gennum (@N @C) (^ @N (inc @C)))
(be genlst (@X)
(^ @C (box (1 2 3 4)))
(_genlst @X @C) )
(be _genlst (@X @C) (^ @ (not (val @C))) T (fail))
(be _genlst (@X @C) (^ @X (pop @C)))
(be tree (@K (@K @V @L @R) @V)
T )
(be tree (@K (@K1 @V1 @L @R) @V)
(^ @ (> @K1 @K))
(tree @K @L @V) )
(be tree (@K (@K1 @V1 @L @R) @V)
(^ @ (>= @K @K1))
(tree @K @R @V) )
(be change (you I))
(be change (are (am not)))
(be change (french german))
(be change (@X @X))
### Test ###
(test NIL (solve '((equal A B))))
(test '(T) (solve '((equal A A))))
(test NIL (solve '((not (equal A A)))))
(test '(T) (solve '((not (equal A B)))))
(test NIL (solve '((different A A))))
(test '(T) (solve '((different A B))))
'(((@X . 3)) ((@X . 4)))
(solve '((or ((equal 3 @X)) ((equal 4 @X))))) )
(test '(T) (solve '((append (a b) (c d) (a b c d)))))
'(((@X) (@Y a b c)) ((@X a) (@Y b c)) ((@X a b) (@Y c)) ((@X a b c) (@Y)))
(solve '((append @X @Y (a b c)))) )
(test '(T) (solve '((member b (a b c)))))
'(((@X . a)) ((@X . b)) ((@X . c)))
(solve '((member @X (a b c)))) )
(test '(T) (solve '((clause append ((NIL @X @X))))))
'(a b c d)
(let U NIL
(solve '((lst @X (a b c b c d)) (uniq U @X)) @X) ) )
'(a b c d)
(solve '((^ @B (box)) (lst @X (a b c b c d)) (uniq @B @X)) @X) )
'(((@B . Mia)) ((@B . Mona)))
(solve '((sister Laila @B))) )
'(((@X . 1)) ((@X . 2)) ((@X . 3)) ((@X . 4)))
(solve '((gennum @X))) )
'(((@X . 1)) ((@X . 2)) ((@X . 3)) ((@X . 4)))
(solve '((genlst @X))) )
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