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  • 0.1.1   Patch release 0.1.1\n\nOther changes\n\n* project: migrate to gitlab (540f741)\n* package: add release script (665eff3)\n* docs: fix mixed tabs/spaces in example code (0b46397)\n* package: update the search terms (c763c51)\n* docs: tidy up the example code (a5bac13)\n* ci: add ci config (a1ac5ce)\n* docs: tweak the readme and package description (2593d52)\n\n
    e61e47ba · release: 0.1.1 ·
  • 0.1.0   Minor release * feature: implement basic node finding (8aadd32) * fix: sanely handle recursive tree structures (25a90ff) * feature: add a readme file (4c31789) * feature: add an option for returning only the first match (695a39a) * chore: add an explicit test of array:false,recursion:true (0a0be45) * fix: stop walking if we have an early result (cd2cec3)
    a0f7a1c1 · release: 0.1.0 ·
  • 0.0.0   Initial release