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This is going to be my first entry for the [Ludum Dare]( jam.
This is my first game for the [Ludum Dare]( jam.
* My LD Blog:
* Timelapse: ~
* Timelapse:
## Running the game ##
If you are using **Windows**, just grab the .exe file and run it.
If you are using Mac or Linux, read further.
### Linux (Ubuntu 32bit/64bit)
1. Grab the .deb package of Love2d ([here]( and install it
2. Download the .love file from below
3. Then run `love "/path/to/game"`
### Mac
1. Grab the .zip file for MACs ([here]( und unpack it
2. Download the .love file from below
3. Now either drop the .love file on the app bundle or run `open -n -a love "/home/path/to/game"`
## Game downloads
(available, once the jam is over)
* [Bundled exe](#) (Runs out of the box on windows. Not sure about wine.)
* [.love](#) file (requires that you have Love2d installed)
I didn't make a download a download available yet, since the game ending is not finished.
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