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      Remove unnecessary CSM warning (#8485) · ad8d68c0
      Paramat authored
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      Force send a mapblock to a player (#8140) · b839a6dd
      sofar authored
      * Force send a mapblock to a player.
      Send a single mapblock to a specific remote player.
      This is badly needed for mods and games where players are teleported
      into terrain which may be not generated, loaded, or modified
      significantly since the last player visit.
      In all these cases, the player currently ends up in void, air, or
      inside blocks which not only looks bad, but has the effect that the
      player might end up falling and then the server needs to correct for
      the player position again later, which is a hack.
      The best solution is to send at least the single mapblock that the
      player will be teleported to. I've tested this with ITB which does this
      all the time, and I can see it functioning as expected (it even shows
      a half loaded entry hallway, as the further blocks aren't loaded yet).
      The parameter is a blockpos (table of x, y, z), not a regular pos.
      The function may return false if the call failed. This is most likely
      due to the target position not being generated or emerged yet, or
      another internal failure, such as the player not being initialized.
      * Always send mapblock on teleport or respawn.
      This avoids the need for mods to send a mapblock on teleport or
      respawn, since any call to `player:set_pos()` will pass this code.
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      Improve readability of debug menu by using '|' (#8488) · d71e1e09
      ANAND authored
      * Improve readability of debug menu by using '|'
      * Restore whitespace to separate yaw and cardinal direction
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarClobberXD <ClobberXD@gmail.com>
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      Use player as starting point instead of camera when pointing node (#8261) · 695d9edc
      Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto authored
      Same pointing area on both camera modes.
      This fix is inapplicable for non-crosshair input.
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      Fix regression in automatic_face_movement_max_rotation_per_sec · 12a63021
      Pedro Gimeno authored
      Values <= 0 should make the yaw change instant. This worked in 0.4.16 but was broken in 089f5945.
      Per bug report by oil_boi_minetest on IRC.
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      Various network performance improvements (#8125) · 007ce24a
      Jozef Behran authored
      * Optimize packet construction functions
      Some of the functions that construct packets in
      connection.cpp are using a const reference to get the raw
      packet data to package and others use a value passed
      parameter to do that. The ones that use the value passed
      parameter suffer from performance hit as the rather bulky
      packet data gets a temporary copy when the parameter is
      passed before it lands at its final destination inside the
      newly constructed packet. The unnecessary temporary copy
      hurts quite badly as the underlying class (SharedBuffer)
      actually allocates the space for the data in the heap.
      Fix the performance hit by converting all of these value
      passed parameters to const references. I believe that this
      is what the author of the relevant code actually intended
      to do as there is a couple of packet construction helper
      functions that already use a const reference to get the
      raw data.
      * Optimize packet sender thread class
      Most of the data sending methods of the packet sender thread
      class use a value passed parameter for the packet data to be
      sent. This causes the rather bulky data to be allocated on
      the heap and copied, slowing the packet sending down. Convert
      these parameters to const references to avoid the performance
      * Optimize packet receiver thread class
      The packet receiver and processor thread class has many
      methods (mostly packet handlers) that receive the packed data
      by value. This causes a performance hit that is actually
      worse than the one caused by the packet sender methods
      because the packet is first handed to the processPacket
      method which looks at the packet type stored in the header
      and then delegates the actual handling to one of the
      handlers. Both, processPacket and all the handlers get the
      packet data by value, leading to at least two unnecessary
      copies of the data (with malloc and all the slow bells and
      whistles of bulky classes).
      As there already is a few methods that use a const reference
      parameter for the packet data, convert all this value passed
      packets to const references.
  10. 13 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      World start time: Move to first full light (day night ratio = 1000) (#8410) · 4d2ad7c2
      Paramat authored
      6125 is the time of first full light according to 'get_node_light()',
      and the time of first full light visually when basic shaders are on.
      This is the optimum default new world start time, taking all possible
      games into account.
      The previous time assumed a game similar to Minetest Game. Games
      should set this setting themselves according to their needs.
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      Stabilise 'day night ratio' to fix object brightness flicker (#8417) · 5b8363af
      Paramat authored
      Previously, when basic shaders were enabled, the function
      time_to_daynight_ratio() returned values jumping between 149 and 150
      between times 4375 and 4625, and values jumping between 999 and 1000
      between times 6125 and 6375, (and the corresponding times at sunset)
      due to tiny float errors in the interpolation code.
      This caused the light level returned by blend_light() to jump between
      14 and 15, which became noticeable recently as those light levels were
      given different visual brightnesses.
      Add early returns to avoid the problematic interpolation, and to
      avoid unnecessary running of the loop.
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      Change sign of pitch angle in debug menu (#8438) · d1118658
      ANAND authored
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarClobberXD <ClobberXD@gmail.com>
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