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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • Merge requests awaiting review. This indicates reviewers should check the commits and make comments or approve.
  • Merge requests deemed ready for merge, they have passed the pipeline and been approved by reviewers. Satish receives mail for each of these and does the merge.
  • Other labels

  • Merge requests in development, not ready for merging or review
  • workflowInactive
    PETSc / petsc
    Merge requests that are inactive for various reasons
  • workflowInactive-Closed
    PETSc / petsc
    Merge requests that are closed due to inactivity
  • Merge requests that are in testing - before requesting reviews ( to identify and fix issues)
  • Merge requests prototyping an idea for comment, but not ready for formal merge review
  • Merge requests that arewaiting for submitter to respond or update, like revise code etc. Over a week has passed without progress
  • Merge requests that are waiting on upstream project fixes before making progress, for example fix a bug in an external package