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    This requires some changes to user FORTRAN code · 5d83a8b1
    Barry Smith authored and Satish Balay's avatar Satish Balay committed
    Pass PETSC_NULL_XXX_ARRAY when passing a NULL as an argument that is expecting an array
    Pass PETSC_NULL_ENUM when argument returns an enum instead of PETSC_NULL_INTEGER
    Pass arrays (and not scalar values) when the argument is expecting an array; this means replace, for example, the argument v with [v]
    Use PetscObjectIsNull(obj) to check if the object is NULL, instead of obj == PETSC_NULL_XXX
    The compiler will now automatically prevent you from using the wrong argument type for the first three bullets above
    This will also require an update sowing with the new sowing branch this MR is using.