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    Docs: remove "Concepts:" and related comments in /*T .. T*/ blocks · 1bb3edfd
    Patrick Sanan authored
    Remove all \*T ... comment blocks with e.g.
       cd src && find . -type f -exec sed -i '/^[! ] *\/\*T$/,/^[! ]*T\*\/$/d' {} \;
    Clean up resulting double blank lines with e.g.
       cd src &&  find . type f \( -name "*.c" -o -name "*.cxx" -o -name "*.F" -o -name "*.F90" \) -exec sh -c "cat -s {} > tmp && mv tmp {}" \;
    Manually revert those changes from the vendored code (src/sys/yaml)
    Manually restore a few comments from these blocks.
    Manually remove "Concepts:" and "Processors:" comments from files
    which have these outside of "\*T" blocks automatically deleted above.