Commit 2709e5a8 authored by Peter Billam's avatar Peter Billam

cover .eps output

parent 28b46985
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ CONTENT="PostScript, chess, FEN, pgn, jpg">
FEN=`pgn2fen '1.f3 e5 2. Kf2 Bc5+ 3.d4 Qh4+ 4. g3 Bxd4+ 5.e3'`
fen2img -w 700 "$FEN" /tmp/t.jpg
fen2img -w 600 "$FEN" /tmp/t.png
fen2img -w 500 "$FEN" /tmp/t.eps
fen2img -w 500 /tmp/t.fen /tmp/t.eps
fen2img "$FEN" - | display - # pipes a .png into display
fen2img -f "$FEN" - | display - # flip the display</code></pre>
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