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# Giant Wall Of Text

This is a theme for the [(U)EFI rEFInd boot manager]( bootmanager.  The theme
is a little cheeky twist of irony on what people consider _the_ graphical bootmanager.  All artwork, apart from the
background, is taken from the popular [neofetch](, and covered by the MIT
licence.  The Manjaro logo was slightly altered, by swapping the block characters for 'm's.

![ASCII controls](

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_Giant Wall Of Text with the ASCII controls ..._

![Unicode controls](
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_... and with the prettier, but less themey, Unicode controls._
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## Installation

As rEFInd has no means for elements to be placed at a given position, and trying to line up text with text requires
accurate positioning, you will need to include the slightly amusing bash script, `install.bash`.  The script will ask
you for a resolution which your UEFI firmware can use.  Note that along with `sed` and `awk`, you will need to have
`imagemagick` installed.


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_The slightly amusing installer --- after colouring the first line, I learned to enter escape codes starting from the end_

## Licence Information

The artwork from [neofetch]( is covered by the MIT licence, a copy of which is
included in this directory.  All other work is my own, and is licensed under [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
4.0 International]( with required attribution given to myself, Tim Clarke.