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recur: updated images to point to the simple BAF-only output.

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......@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ mirrored AI within multiple genotyped samples of an individual.**
Contributors: Jerry Fowler, Sasha Jakubek, Anthony San Lucas, Paul Scheet
![Sample 2 mirrored AI events](examples/test_output/sub_clone_baf_test.tumor_2.gsloh.png)
![Sample 3 mirrored AI events](examples/test_output/sub_clone_baf_test.tumor_3.gsloh.png)
![Sample 4 mirrored AI events](examples/test_output/sub_clone_baf_test.tumor_4.gsloh.png)
![Sample 2 mirrored AI events](examples/test_output/sub_clone_baf_test_simple.tumor_2.baf.png)
![Sample 3 mirrored AI events](examples/test_output/sub_clone_baf_test_simple.tumor_3.baf.png)
![Sample 4 mirrored AI events](examples/test_output/sub_clone_baf_test_simple.tumor_4.baf.png)
## Installation notes
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