Falling Fruit for Android -- FFruit

This Android application is a free & open source companion to the popular service Falling Fruit. Currently, the application targets Android M (Marshmallow), but I do accept patches to support older versions of Android.

Getting the App (From Google Play Store)

// (TODO):perezd, share official link to play store.

Building the app yourself (From scratch)


FFruit is being developed using Linux (specifically, Ubuntu). I do not officially support MacOS or Windows-based development, but I am accepting patches to make that a reality. Feel free to contribute!

Building from source

Once you've cloned the repo, while in the root of the project, run the following shell script:

ffruit/ $ ./setup.sh

This should download the build system, Bazel, and fetch the proper Android SDK bits for compilation.

At the very end of the process, it will build the APK for you. Once its built, with your phone plugged in over USB and properly connected via adb, you can run this command to load the APK onto your device:

ffruit/ $ ./build/bin/bazel mobile-install java/org/fallingfruit/ffruit

You should now see FFruit somewhere in your listing of apps on your device.

Contributions are welcomed!

I encourage contributions! This is free software and anyone can fork this and make it better. Submit change requests, or file issues and we can all make this application better, together! I ask that you file an Issue so that we can discuss what you plan to contribute.

Don't be rude

I ask that you do not upload versions of this application to the Google Play Store (or any other app store). I will report any of these I am notified about immediately. I will actively push updates to the Google Play Store that encompass your changes, as soon as I review them.