Commit 1ff9df63 authored by Francesco Iannuzzelli's avatar Francesco Iannuzzelli


parent f205ffcf
......@@ -651,26 +651,6 @@ class Events
return $db->QueryExe($rows, $sqlstr,true);
public function SearchProvince( $id_prov )
$rows = array();
$gjoin = $this->geo->GeoJoin("e.id_geo",true);
$db =& Db::globaldb();
$sqlstr = "SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(e.start_date) AS start_date_ts,e.id_event,
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(end_date) AS end_date_ts,e.portal,e.facebook_id,e.address,
'event' AS item_type,evt.type, AS geo_name,e.approved
FROM events e
INNER JOIN event_types evt ON e.id_event_type=evt.id_event_type
WHERE e.approved=1 AND e.id_geo=$id_prov AND e.start_date>=DATE_SUB(curdate(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH)
ORDER BY e.start_date DESC ";
$db->QueryExe($rows, $sqlstr);
return $rows;
* Events submitted by a specific person
* (only approved ones)
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