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    Merge tag 'gitgui-0.20.0' of http://repo.or.cz/r/git-gui · 1eb0545c
    Junio C Hamano authored
    git-gui 0.20.0
    * tag 'gitgui-0.20.0' of http://repo.or.cz/r/git-gui:
      git-gui: set version 0.20
      git-gui: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (547t0f0u)
      git-gui i18n: Updated Bulgarian translation (547t,0f,0u)
      git-gui: Makes chooser set 'gitdir' to the resolved path
      git-gui: Fixes chooser not accepting gitfiles
      git-gui: reinstate support for Tcl 8.4
      git-gui: fix problem with gui.maxfilesdisplayed
      git-gui: fix verbose loading when git path contains spaces.
      git-gui/gitk: Do not depend on Cygwin's "kill" command on Windows
      git-gui: add configurable tab size to the diff view
      git-gui: Make git-gui lib dir configurable at runime
      git-gui i18n: Updated Bulgarian translation (520t,0f,0u)
      L10n: vi.po (543t): Init translation for Vietnamese
      git-gui: align the new recursive checkbox with the radiobuttons.
      git-gui: Add a 'recursive' checkbox in the clone menu.
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