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Prepare for 2.13.2

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Git v2.13.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.13.1
* The "collision detecting" SHA-1 implementation shipped with 2.13.1
was still broken on some platforms. Update to the upstream code
again to take their fix.
* "git checkout --recurse-submodules" did not quite work with a
submodule that itself has submodules.
* Introduce the BUG() macro to improve die("BUG: ...").
* The "run-command" API implementation has been made more robust
against dead-locking in a threaded environment.
* A recent update to started skipping all the
tests in the script when a web server testing is disabled or
unavailable, not just the ones that require a web server. Non HTTP
tests have been salvaged to always run in this script.
* "git clean -d" used to clean directories that has ignored files,
even though the command should not lose ignored ones without "-x".
"git status --ignored" did not list ignored and untracked files
without "-uall". These have been corrected.
* The timestamp of the index file is now taken after the file is
closed, to help Windows, on which a stale timestamp is reported by
fstat() on a file that is opened for writing and data was written
but not yet closed.
* "git pull --rebase --autostash" didn't auto-stash when the local history
fast-forwards to the upstream.
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
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