Commit f86f31ab authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Sixth batch for 2.5 cycle

Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 3dc5ce0a
......@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ Ports
UI, Workflows & Features
* List of commands shown by "git help" are grouped along the workflow
elements to help early learners.
* "git p4" now detects the filetype (e.g. binary) correctly even when
the files are opened exclusively.
......@@ -85,6 +88,20 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
to optionally remember already seen untracked files, in order to
speed up "git status" in a working tree with tons of cruft.
* "git mergetool" learned to drive WinMerge as a backend.
* "git upload-pack" that serves "git fetch" can be told to serve
commits that are not at the tip of any ref, as long as they are
reachable from a ref, with uploadpack.allowReachableSHA1InWant
configuration variable.
* "git cat-file --batch(-check)" learned the "--follow-symlinks"
option that follows an in-tree symbolic link when asked about an
object via extended SHA-1 syntax, e.g. HEAD:RelNotes that points at
Documentation/RelNotes/2.5.0.txt. With the new option, the command
behaves as if HEAD:Documentation/RelNotes/2.5.0.txt was given as
input instead.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
......@@ -330,10 +347,39 @@ notes for details).
cryptic error message; it should be a silent no-op instead.
(merge 0544574 jk/rerere-forget-check-enabled later to maint).
* "git rebase -i" fired post-rewrite hook when it shouldn't (namely,
when it was told to stop sequencing with 'exec' insn).
(merge 141ff8f mm/rebase-i-post-rewrite-exec later to maint).
* Clarify that "log --raw" and "log --format=raw" are unrelated
(merge 92de921 mm/log-format-raw-doc later to maint).
* Make "git stash something --help" error out, so that users can
safely say "git stash drop --help".
(merge 5ba2831 jk/stash-options later to maint).
* The clean/smudge interface did not work well when filtering an
empty contents (failed and then passed the empty input through).
It can be argued that a filter that produces anything but empty for
an empty input is nonsense, but if the user wants to do strange
things, then why not?
(merge f6a1e1e jh/filter-empty-contents later to maint).
* Communication between the HTTP server and http_backend process can
lead to a dead-lock when relaying a large ref negotiation request.
Diagnose the situation better, and mitigate it by reading such a
request first into core (to a reasonable limit).
(merge 636614f jk/http-backend-deadlock later to maint).
* "git clean pathspec..." tried to lstat(2) and complain even for
paths outside the given pathspec.
(merge 838d6a9 dt/clean-pathspec-filter-then-lstat later to maint).
* Code cleanups and documentation updates.
(merge 0269f96 mm/usage-log-l-can-take-regex later to maint).
(merge 64f2589 nd/t1509-chroot-test later to maint).
(merge f86a374 sb/test-bitmap-free-at-end later to maint).
(merge d201a1e sb/test-bitmap-free-at-end later to maint).
(merge 05bfc7d sb/line-log-plug-pairdiff-leak later to maint).
(merge 846e5df pt/xdg-config-path later to maint).
(merge 1154aa4 jc/plug-fmt-merge-msg-leak later to maint).
......@@ -342,3 +388,6 @@ notes for details).
(merge bbf431c ps/doc-packfile-vs-pack-file later to maint).
(merge 309a9e3 jk/skip-http-tests-under-no-curl later to maint).
(merge ccd593c dl/branch-error-message later to maint).
(merge 22570b6 rs/janitorial later to maint).
(merge 5c2a581 mc/commit-doc-grammofix later to maint).
(merge ce41720 ah/usage-strings later to maint).
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