Commit e19e5e66 authored by Jeff King's avatar Jeff King

verify_path: drop clever fallthrough

We check ".git" and ".." in the same switch statement, and
fall through the cases to share the end-of-component check.
While this saves us a line or two, it makes modifying the
function much harder. Let's just write it out.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff King <>
parent 41a80924
......@@ -810,8 +810,7 @@ static int verify_dotfile(const char *rest)
switch (*rest) {
* ".git" followed by NUL or slash is bad. This
* shares the path end test with the ".." case.
* ".git" followed by NUL or slash is bad.
case 'g':
case 'G':
......@@ -819,8 +818,9 @@ static int verify_dotfile(const char *rest)
if (rest[2] != 't' && rest[2] != 'T')
rest += 2;
/* fallthrough */
if (rest[3] == '\0' || is_dir_sep(rest[3]))
return 0;
case '.':
if (rest[1] == '\0' || is_dir_sep(rest[1]))
return 0;
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