Commit c6bd2a1d authored by Jeff King's avatar Jeff King Committed by Junio C Hamano

http-push: stop using name_path

The graph traversal code here passes along a name_path to
build up the pathname at which we find each blob. But we
never actually do anything with the resulting names, making
it a waste of code and memory.

This usage came in aa1dbc98 (Update http-push functionality,
2006-03-07), and originally the result was passed to
"add_object" (which stored it, but didn't really use it,
either). But we stopped using that function in 1f1e895f (Add
"named object array" concept, 2006-06-19) in favor of
storing just the objects themselves.

Moreover, the generation of the name in process_tree() is
buggy. It sticks "name" onto the end of the name_path linked
list, and then passes it down again as it recurses (instead
of "entry.path"). So it's a good thing this was unused, as
the resulting path for "a/b/c/d" would end up as "a/a/a/a".
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff King <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent d7701878
......@@ -1276,9 +1276,7 @@ static struct object_list **add_one_object(struct object *obj, struct object_lis
static struct object_list **process_blob(struct blob *blob,
struct object_list **p,
struct name_path *path,
const char *name)
struct object_list **p)
struct object *obj = &blob->object;
......@@ -1292,14 +1290,11 @@ static struct object_list **process_blob(struct blob *blob,
static struct object_list **process_tree(struct tree *tree,
struct object_list **p,
struct name_path *path,
const char *name)
struct object_list **p)
struct object *obj = &tree->object;
struct tree_desc desc;
struct name_entry entry;
struct name_path me;
obj->flags |= LOCAL;
......@@ -1309,21 +1304,17 @@ static struct object_list **process_tree(struct tree *tree,
die("bad tree object %s", sha1_to_hex(obj->sha1));
obj->flags |= SEEN;
name = xstrdup(name);
p = add_one_object(obj, p);
me.up = path;
me.elem = name;
me.elem_len = strlen(name);
init_tree_desc(&desc, tree->buffer, tree->size);
while (tree_entry(&desc, &entry))
switch (object_type(entry.mode)) {
case OBJ_TREE:
p = process_tree(lookup_tree(entry.sha1), p, &me, name);
p = process_tree(lookup_tree(entry.sha1), p);
case OBJ_BLOB:
p = process_blob(lookup_blob(entry.sha1), p, &me, name);
p = process_blob(lookup_blob(entry.sha1), p);
/* Subproject commit - not in this repository */
......@@ -1342,7 +1333,7 @@ static int get_delta(struct rev_info *revs, struct remote_lock *lock)
int count = 0;
while ((commit = get_revision(revs)) != NULL) {
p = process_tree(commit->tree, p, NULL, "");
p = process_tree(commit->tree, p);
commit->object.flags |= LOCAL;
if (!(commit->object.flags & UNINTERESTING))
count += add_send_request(&commit->object, lock);
......@@ -1361,11 +1352,11 @@ static int get_delta(struct rev_info *revs, struct remote_lock *lock)
if (obj->type == OBJ_TREE) {
p = process_tree((struct tree *)obj, p, NULL, name);
p = process_tree((struct tree *)obj, p);
if (obj->type == OBJ_BLOB) {
p = process_blob((struct blob *)obj, p, NULL, name);
p = process_blob((struct blob *)obj, p);
die("unknown pending object %s (%s)", sha1_to_hex(obj->sha1), name);
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