Commit bebdd271 authored by Christian Couder's avatar Christian Couder Committed by Junio C Hamano

builtin-replace: teach "git replace" to actually replace

Teach the syntax: "git replace <object> <replacement>", so that
"git replace" can now create replace refs. These replace refs
will be used by read_sha1_file to substitute <object> with
<replacement> for most of the commands.
Signed-off-by: Christian Couder's avatarChristian Couder <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 54b0c1e0
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
#include "parse-options.h"
static const char * const git_replace_usage[] = {
"git replace [-f] <object> <replacement>",
"git replace -d <object>...",
"git replace -l [<pattern>]",
......@@ -77,12 +78,46 @@ static int delete_replace_ref(const char *name, const char *ref,
return 0;
static int replace_object(const char *object_ref, const char *replace_ref,
int force)
unsigned char object[20], prev[20], repl[20];
char ref[PATH_MAX];
struct ref_lock *lock;
if (get_sha1(object_ref, object))
die("Failed to resolve '%s' as a valid ref.", object_ref);
if (get_sha1(replace_ref, repl))
die("Failed to resolve '%s' as a valid ref.", replace_ref);
if (snprintf(ref, sizeof(ref),
sha1_to_hex(object)) > sizeof(ref) - 1)
die("replace ref name too long: %.*s...", 50, ref);
if (check_ref_format(ref))
die("'%s' is not a valid ref name.", ref);
if (!resolve_ref(ref, prev, 1, NULL))
else if (!force)
die("replace ref '%s' already exists", ref);
lock = lock_any_ref_for_update(ref, prev, 0);
if (!lock)
die("%s: cannot lock the ref", ref);
if (write_ref_sha1(lock, repl, NULL) < 0)
die("%s: cannot update the ref", ref);
return 0;
int cmd_replace(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
int list = 0, delete = 0;
int list = 0, delete = 0, force = 0;
struct option options[] = {
OPT_BOOLEAN('l', NULL, &list, "list replace refs"),
OPT_BOOLEAN('d', NULL, &delete, "delete replace refs"),
OPT_BOOLEAN('f', NULL, &force, "replace the ref if it exists"),
......@@ -91,15 +126,28 @@ int cmd_replace(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
if (list && delete)
usage_with_options(git_replace_usage, options);
if (force && (list || delete))
usage_with_options(git_replace_usage, options);
/* Delete refs */
if (delete) {
if (argc < 1)
usage_with_options(git_replace_usage, options);
return for_each_replace_name(argv, delete_replace_ref);
/* Replace object */
if (!list && argc) {
if (argc != 2)
usage_with_options(git_replace_usage, options);
return replace_object(argv[0], argv[1], force);
/* List refs, even if "list" is not set */
if (argc > 1)
usage_with_options(git_replace_usage, options);
if (force)
usage_with_options(git_replace_usage, options);
return list_replace_refs(argv[0]);
......@@ -114,9 +114,19 @@ test_expect_success '"git replace" listing and deleting' '
test_must_fail git replace -d &&
test_must_fail git replace -l -d $HASH2 &&
git replace -d $HASH2 &&
git show $HASH2 | grep "A U Thor" &&
test -z "$(git replace -l)"
test_expect_success '"git replace" replacing' '
git replace $HASH2 $R &&
git show $HASH2 | grep "O Thor" &&
test_must_fail git replace $HASH2 $R &&
git replace -f $HASH2 $R &&
test_must_fail git replace -f &&
test "$HASH2" = "$(git replace)"
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