Commit b5abd302 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'sg/reflog-past-root' into maint

A small test clean-up for a topic introduced in v2.9.1 and later.

* sg/reflog-past-root:
  t1410: remove superfluous 'git reflog' from the 'walk past root' test
parents 71165f02 0eb75ce8
......@@ -359,7 +359,6 @@ test_expect_success 'continue walking past root commits' '
HEAD@{3} commit (initial): initial
test_commit initial &&
git reflog &&
git checkout --orphan orphan1 &&
test_commit orphan1-1 &&
test_commit orphan1-2 &&
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