Commit a4f234bf authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'jk/ssh-funny-url' into maint-2.7

parents c8dd1e3b aeeb2d49
......@@ -991,6 +991,14 @@ char *strip_path_suffix(const char *path, const char *suffix);
int daemon_avoid_alias(const char *path);
extern int is_ntfs_dotgit(const char *name);
* Returns true iff "str" could be confused as a command-line option when
* passed to a sub-program like "ssh". Note that this has nothing to do with
* shell-quoting, which should be handled separately; we're assuming here that
* the string makes it verbatim to the sub-program.
int looks_like_command_line_option(const char *str);
* Return a newly allocated string with the evaluation of
* "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/$filename" if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is non-empty, otherwise
......@@ -553,6 +553,11 @@ static struct child_process *git_proxy_connect(int fd[2], char *host)
get_host_and_port(&host, &port);
if (looks_like_command_line_option(host))
die("strange hostname '%s' blocked", host);
if (looks_like_command_line_option(port))
die("strange port '%s' blocked", port);
proxy = xmalloc(sizeof(*proxy));
argv_array_push(&proxy->args, git_proxy_command);
......@@ -722,6 +727,9 @@ struct child_process *git_connect(int fd[2], const char *url,
conn = xmalloc(sizeof(*conn));
if (looks_like_command_line_option(path))
die("strange pathname '%s' blocked", path);
strbuf_addstr(&cmd, prog);
strbuf_addch(&cmd, ' ');
sq_quote_buf(&cmd, path);
......@@ -754,6 +762,9 @@ struct child_process *git_connect(int fd[2], const char *url,
return NULL;
if (looks_like_command_line_option(ssh_host))
die("strange hostname '%s' blocked", ssh_host);
ssh = getenv("GIT_SSH_COMMAND");
if (!ssh) {
const char *base;
......@@ -1178,6 +1178,11 @@ int is_ntfs_dotgit(const char *name)
int looks_like_command_line_option(const char *str)
return str && str[0] == '-';
char *xdg_config_home(const char *filename)
const char *home, *config_home;
......@@ -40,4 +40,9 @@ test_expect_success 'fetch through proxy works' '
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'funny hostnames are rejected before running proxy' '
test_must_fail git fetch git://-remote/repo.git 2>stderr &&
! grep "proxying for" stderr
......@@ -11,4 +11,27 @@ test_expect_success 'setup repository to clone' '
test_proto "file://" file "file://$PWD"
test_proto "path" file .
test_expect_success 'setup repo with dash' '
git init --bare repo.git &&
git push repo.git HEAD &&
mv repo.git "$PWD/-repo.git"
# This will fail even without our rejection because upload-pack will
# complain about the bogus option. So let's make sure that GIT_TRACE
# doesn't show us even running upload-pack.
# We must also be sure to use "fetch" and not "clone" here, as the latter
# actually canonicalizes our input into an absolute path (which is fine
# to allow).
test_expect_success 'repo names starting with dash are rejected' '
rm -f trace.out &&
test_must_fail env GIT_TRACE="$PWD/trace.out" git fetch -- -repo.git &&
! grep upload-pack trace.out
test_expect_success 'full paths still work' '
git fetch "$PWD/-repo.git"
......@@ -17,4 +17,27 @@ test_proto "host:path" ssh "remote:repo.git"
test_proto "ssh://" ssh "ssh://remote$PWD/remote/repo.git"
test_proto "git+ssh://" ssh "git+ssh://remote$PWD/remote/repo.git"
# Don't even bother setting up a "-remote" directory, as ssh would generally
# complain about the bogus option rather than completing our request. Our
# fake wrapper actually _can_ handle this case, but it's more robust to
# simply confirm from its output that it did not run at all.
test_expect_success 'hostnames starting with dash are rejected' '
test_must_fail git clone ssh://-remote/repo.git dash-host 2>stderr &&
! grep ^ssh: stderr
test_expect_success 'setup repo with dash' '
git init --bare remote/-repo.git &&
git push remote/-repo.git HEAD
test_expect_success 'repo names starting with dash are rejected' '
test_must_fail git clone remote:-repo.git dash-path 2>stderr &&
! grep ^ssh: stderr
test_expect_success 'full paths still work' '
git clone "remote:$PWD/remote/-repo.git" dash-path
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