Commit 9dfc3684 authored by Michael J Gruber's avatar Michael J Gruber Committed by Jeff King

replace: parse revision argument for -d

'git replace' parses the revision arguments when it creates replacements
(so that a sha1 can be abbreviated, e.g.) but not when deleting

Make it parse the argument to 'replace -d' in the same way.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael J Gruber <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff King <>
parent b0b00a3e
......@@ -46,24 +46,27 @@ typedef int (*each_replace_name_fn)(const char *name, const char *ref,
static int for_each_replace_name(const char **argv, each_replace_name_fn fn)
const char **p;
const char **p, *full_hex;
char ref[PATH_MAX];
int had_error = 0;
unsigned char sha1[20];
for (p = argv; *p; p++) {
if (snprintf(ref, sizeof(ref), "refs/replace/%s", *p)
>= sizeof(ref)) {
error("replace ref name too long: %.*s...", 50, *p);
if (get_sha1(*p, sha1)) {
error("Failed to resolve '%s' as a valid ref.", *p);
had_error = 1;
full_hex = sha1_to_hex(sha1);
snprintf(ref, sizeof(ref), "refs/replace/%s", full_hex);
/* read_ref() may reuse the buffer */
full_hex = ref + strlen("refs/replace/");
if (read_ref(ref, sha1)) {
error("replace ref '%s' not found.", *p);
error("replace ref '%s' not found.", full_hex);
had_error = 1;
if (fn(*p, ref, sha1))
if (fn(full_hex, ref, sha1))
had_error = 1;
return had_error;
......@@ -140,6 +140,17 @@ test_expect_success '"git replace" replacing' '
test "$HASH2" = "$(git replace)"
test_expect_success '"git replace" resolves sha1' '
SHORTHASH2=$(git rev-parse --short=8 $HASH2) &&
git replace -d $SHORTHASH2 &&
git replace $SHORTHASH2 $R &&
git show $HASH2 | grep "O Thor" &&
test_must_fail git replace $HASH2 $R &&
git replace -f $HASH2 $R &&
test_must_fail git replace -f &&
test "$HASH2" = "$(git replace)"
# This creates a side branch where the bug in H2
# does not appear because P2 is created by applying
# H2 and squashing H5 into it.
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