Commit 982288e9 authored by Johannes Schindelin's avatar Johannes Schindelin Committed by Junio C Hamano

status: rebase and merge can be in progress at the same time

Since `git rebase -r` was introduced, that is possible. But our
machinery did not think that possible, and failed to say anything about
the rebase in progress when in the middle of a merge.

Let's work around that in the minimal fashion.
Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin's avatarJohannes Schindelin <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 5aec9271
......@@ -1559,6 +1559,7 @@ void wt_status_get_state(struct wt_status_state *state,
struct object_id oid;
if (!stat(git_path_merge_head(the_repository), &st)) {
wt_status_check_rebase(NULL, state);
state->merge_in_progress = 1;
} else if (wt_status_check_rebase(NULL, state)) {
; /* all set */
......@@ -1583,9 +1584,13 @@ static void wt_longstatus_print_state(struct wt_status *s)
const char *state_color = color(WT_STATUS_HEADER, s);
struct wt_status_state *state = &s->state;
if (state->merge_in_progress)
if (state->merge_in_progress) {
if (state->rebase_interactive_in_progress) {
show_rebase_information(s, state_color);
fputs("\n", s->fp);
show_merge_in_progress(s, state_color);
else if (state->am_in_progress)
} else if (state->am_in_progress)
show_am_in_progress(s, state_color);
else if (state->rebase_in_progress || state->rebase_interactive_in_progress)
show_rebase_in_progress(s, state_color);
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