Commit 94d5a22c authored by Jeff King's avatar Jeff King Committed by Junio C Hamano

alloc: factor out commit index

We keep a static counter to set the commit index on newly
allocated objects. However, since we also need to set the
index on any_objects which are converted to commits, let's
make the counter available as a public function.

While we're moving it, let's make sure the counter is
allocated as an unsigned integer to match the index field in
"struct commit".
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff King <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 8ff226a9
......@@ -82,12 +82,17 @@ void *alloc_object_node(void)
static struct alloc_state commit_state;
unsigned int alloc_commit_index(void)
static unsigned int count;
return count++;
void *alloc_commit_node(void)
static int commit_count;
struct commit *c = alloc_node(&commit_state, sizeof(struct commit));
c->object.type = OBJ_COMMIT;
c->index = commit_count++;
c->index = alloc_commit_index();
return c;
......@@ -1376,6 +1376,7 @@ extern void *alloc_commit_node(void);
extern void *alloc_tag_node(void);
extern void *alloc_object_node(void);
extern void alloc_report(void);
extern unsigned int alloc_commit_index(void);
/* trace.c */
__attribute__((format (printf, 1, 2)))
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