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Git v2.10.2 Release Notes
Fixes since v2.10.1
* The code that parses the format parameter of for-each-ref command
has seen a micro-optimization.
* The "graph" API used in "git log --graph" miscounted the number of
output columns consumed so far when drawing a padding line, which
has been fixed; this did not affect any existing code as nobody
tried to write anything after the padding on such a line, though.
* Almost everybody uses DEFAULT_ABBREV to refer to the default
setting for the abbreviation, but "git blame" peeked into
underlying variable bypassing the macro for no good reason.
* Doc update to clarify what "log -3 --reverse" does.
* An author name, that spelled a backslash-quoted double quote in the
human readable part "My \"double quoted\" name", was not unquoted
correctly while applying a patch from a piece of e-mail.
* The original command line syntax for "git merge", which was "git
merge <msg> HEAD <parent>...", has been deprecated for quite some
time, and "git gui" was the last in-tree user of the syntax. This
is finally fixed, so that we can move forward with the deprecation.
* Codepaths that read from an on-disk loose object were too loose in
validating what they are reading is a proper object file and
sometimes read past the data they read from the disk, which has
been corrected. H/t to Gustavo Grieco for reporting.
* "git worktree", even though it used the default_abbrev setting that
ought to be affected by core.abbrev configuration variable, ignored
the variable setting. The command has been taught to read the
default set of configuration variables to correct this.
* A low-level function verify_packfile() was meant to show errors
that were detected without dying itself, but under some conditions
it didn't and died instead, which has been fixed.
Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.
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