Commit 567349f5 authored by Sebastian Staudt's avatar Sebastian Staudt Committed by Ralf Thielow

l10n: de.po: consistent translation of 'root commit'

'root commit' is usually translated as 'Root-Commit'. But in one
occasion it‘s translated as 'Basis-Commit' which is the translation
for 'base commit'.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastian Staudt <>
parent bb236fb4
......@@ -4870,7 +4870,7 @@ msgstr "losgelöster HEAD"
#: sequencer.c:1256
msgid " (root-commit)"
msgstr " (Basis-Commit)"
msgstr " (Root-Commit)"
#: sequencer.c:1277
msgid "could not parse HEAD"
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