Commit 54d5cc0e authored by Nick Woolley's avatar Nick Woolley Committed by Junio C Hamano

git-cvsexportcommit can't commit files which have been removed from CVS

If a file X is removed from CVS, it goes into the Attic directory, and CVS
reports it as 'no file X' but with status 'Up-to-date'.  cvsexportcommit
misinterprets this as an existing file and tries to commit a file with the
same name.  Correctly identify these files, so that new files with the
same name can be committed.

Add a test to, which tests that we can
re-commit a removed filename which remains in CVS's attic. This adds a
file 'attic_gremlin' in CVS, then "removes" it, then tries to commit a
file with the same name from git.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNick Woolley <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent e57cb015
......@@ -225,7 +225,14 @@
foreach my $name (keys %todo) {
my $basename = basename($name);
$basename = "no file " . $basename if (exists($added{$basename}));
# CVS reports files that don't exist in the current revision as
# "no file $basename" in its "status" output, so we should
# anticipate that. Totally unknown files will have a status
# "Unknown". However, if they exist in the Attic, their status
# will be "Up-to-date" (this means they were added once but have
# been removed).
$basename = "no file $basename" if $added{$basename};
$basename =~ s/^\s+//;
$basename =~ s/\s+$//;
......@@ -233,31 +240,45 @@
$fullname{$basename} = $name;
push (@canstatusfiles2, $name);
my @cvsoutput;
@cvsoutput = xargs_safe_pipe_capture([@cvs, 'status'], @canstatusfiles2);
foreach my $l (@cvsoutput) {
chomp $l;
if ($l =~ /^File:\s+(.*\S)\s+Status: (.*)$/) {
if (!exists($fullname{$1})) {
print STDERR "Huh? Status reported for unexpected file '$1'\n";
} else {
$cvsstat{$fullname{$1}} = $2;
chomp $l;
next unless
my ($file, $status) = $l =~ /^File:\s+(.*\S)\s+Status: (.*)$/;
my $fullname = $fullname{$file};
print STDERR "Huh? Status '$status' reported for unexpected file '$file'\n"
unless defined $fullname;
# This response means the file does not exist except in
# CVS's attic, so set the status accordingly
$status = "In-attic"
if $file =~ /^no file /
&& $status eq 'Up-to-date';
$cvsstat{$fullname{$file}} = $status;
# ... validate new files,
# ... Validate that new files have the correct status
foreach my $f (@afiles) {
if (defined ($cvsstat{$f}) and $cvsstat{$f} ne "Unknown") {
$dirty = 1;
next unless defined(my $stat = $cvsstat{$f});
# This means the file has never been seen before
next if $stat eq 'Unknown';
# This means the file has been seen before but was removed
next if $stat eq 'In-attic';
$dirty = 1;
warn "File $f is already known in your CVS checkout -- perhaps it has been added by another user. Or this may indicate that it exists on a different branch. If this is the case, use -f to force the merge.\n";
warn "Status was: $cvsstat{$f}\n";
# ... validate known files.
foreach my $f (@files) {
next if grep { $_ eq $f } @afiles;
......@@ -317,4 +317,22 @@ test_expect_success 'use the same checkout for Git and CVS' '
test_expect_success 're-commit a removed filename which remains in CVS attic' '
(cd "$CVSWORK" &&
echo >attic_gremlin &&
cvs -Q add attic_gremlin &&
cvs -Q ci -m "added attic_gremlin" &&
rm attic_gremlin &&
cvs -Q rm attic_gremlin &&
cvs -Q ci -m "removed attic_gremlin") &&
echo > attic_gremlin &&
git add attic_gremlin &&
git commit -m "Added attic_gremlin" &&
git cvsexportcommit -w "$CVSWORK" -c HEAD &&
(cd "$CVSWORK"; cvs -Q update -d) &&
test -f "$CVSWORK/attic_gremlin"
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