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Git Protocol Capabilities
NOTE: this document describes capabilities for versions 0 and 1 of the pack
protocol. For version 2, please refer to the link:protocol-v2.html[protocol-v2]
Servers SHOULD support all capabilities defined in this document.
On the very first line of the initial server response of either
......@@ -172,6 +176,20 @@ agent strings are purely informative for statistics and debugging
purposes, and MUST NOT be used to programmatically assume the presence
or absence of particular features.
This parameterized capability is used to inform the receiver which symbolic ref
points to which ref; for example, "symref=HEAD:refs/heads/master" tells the
receiver that HEAD points to master. This capability can be repeated to
represent multiple symrefs.
Servers SHOULD include this capability for the HEAD symref if it is one of the
refs being sent.
Clients MAY use the parameters from this capability to select the proper initial
branch when cloning a repository.
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