Commit 26aa9fc8 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Git 2.20-rc0

Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <>
parent 9e3dc6bf
......@@ -173,6 +173,15 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
each other.
(merge e5bbe09e88 nd/wildmatch-double-asterisk later to maint).
* The "--no-patch" option, which can be used to get a high-level
overview without the actual line-by-line patch difference shown, of
the "range-diff" command was earlier broken, which has been
* The recently merged "rebase in C" has an escape hatch to use the
scripted version when necessary, but it hasn't been documented,
which has been corrected.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
......@@ -332,6 +341,27 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
* The support for format-patch (and send-email) by the command-line
completion script (in contrib/) has been simplified a bit.
* The revision walker machinery learned to take advantage of the
commit generation numbers stored in the commit-graph file.
* The codebase has been cleaned up to reduce "#ifndef NO_PTHREADS".
* The way -lcurl library gets linked has been simplified by taking
advantage of the fact that we can just ask curl-config command how.
* Various functions have been audited for "-Wunused-parameter" warnings
and bugs in them got fixed.
* A sanity check for start-up sequence has been added in the config
API codepath.
* The build procedure to link for fuzzing test has been made
customizable with a new Makefile variable.
* The way "git rebase" parses and forwards the command line options
meant for underlying "git am" has been revamped, which fixed for
options with parameters that were not passed correctly.
Fixes since v2.19
......@@ -544,6 +574,37 @@ Fixes since v2.19
pathspec elements were involved, which has been fixed.
(merge b7845cebc0 nd/tree-walk-path-exclusion later to maint).
* "git merge" and "git pull" that merges into an unborn branch used
to completely ignore "--verify-signatures", which has been
(merge 01a31f3bca jk/verify-sig-merge-into-void later to maint).
* "git rebase --autostash" did not correctly re-attach the HEAD at times.
* "rev-parse --exclude=<pattern> --branches=<pattern>" etc. did not
quite work, which has been corrected.
(merge 9ab9b5df0e ra/rev-parse-exclude-glob later to maint).
* When editing a patch in a "git add -i" session, a hunk could be
made to no-op. The "git apply" program used to reject a patch with
such a no-op hunk to catch user mistakes, but it is now updated to
explicitly allow a no-op hunk in an edited patch.
(merge 22cb3835b9 js/apply-recount-allow-noop later to maint).
* The URL to an MSDN page in a comment has been updated.
(merge 2ef2ae2917 js/mingw-msdn-url later to maint).
* "git ls-remote --sort=<thing>" can feed an object that is not yet
available into the comparison machinery and segfault, which has
been corrected to check such a request upfront and reject it.
* When "git bundle" aborts due to an empty commit ranges
(i.e. resulting in an empty pack), it left a file descriptor to an
lockfile open, which resulted in leftover lockfile on Windows where
you cannot remove a file with an open file descriptor. This has
been corrected.
(merge 2c8ee1f53c jk/close-duped-fd-before-unlock-for-bundle later to maint).
* Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge 96a7501aad ts/doc-build-manpage-xsl-quietly later to maint).
(merge b9b07efdb2 tg/conflict-marker-size later to maint).
......@@ -583,3 +644,4 @@ Fixes since v2.19
(merge 3063477445 tb/char-may-be-unsigned later to maint).
(merge 8c64bc9420 sg/test-rebase-editor-fix later to maint).
(merge 71571cd7d6 ma/sequencer-do-reset-saner-loop-termination later to maint).
(merge 9a4cb8781e cb/notes-freeing-always-null-fix later to maint).
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