Commit 25c75902 authored by Linus Boyle's avatar Linus Boyle

l10n: zh_CN: fix typo of submodule init message

This patch somehow corrects a typo for 'git submodule init', which is
supposed to be mistakenly copyed from the deinit command
Signed-off-by: Linus Boyle's avatarZhilei Han <>
parent 53f9a3e1
......@@ -14072,7 +14072,7 @@ msgstr "无法为子模组 '%s' 注册 url"
#: builtin/submodule--helper.c:515
#, c-format
msgid "Submodule '%s' (%s) registered for path '%s'\n"
msgstr "子模组 '%s'(%s)对路径 '%s' 注册\n"
msgstr "子模组 '%s'(%s)对路径 '%s' 注册\n"
#: builtin/submodule--helper.c:525
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