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Git v1.7.6.5 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.6.4
* The date parser did not accept timezone designators that lack minutes
part and also has a colon between "hh:mm".
* After fetching from a remote that has very long refname, the reporting
output could have corrupted by overrunning a static buffer.
* "git mergetool" did not use its arguments as pathspec, but as a path to
the file that may not even have any conflict.
* "git name-rev --all" tried to name all _objects_, naturally failing to
describe many blobs and trees, instead of showing only commits as
advertised in its documentation.
* "git remote rename $a $b" were not careful to match the remote name
against $a (i.e. source side of the remote nickname).
* "gitweb" used to produce a non-working link while showing the contents
of a blob, when JavaScript actions are enabled.
Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.
......@@ -44,9 +44,10 @@ unreleased) version of git, that is available from 'master'
branch of the `git.git` repository.
Documentation for older releases are available here:
* link:v1.7.6.4/git.html[documentation for release]
* link:v1.7.6.5/git.html[documentation for release]
* release notes for
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