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    Merge branch 'jh/trace2-sid-fix' into next · a5c08f12
    Junio C Hamano authored
    Polishing of the new trace2 facility continues.  The system-level
    configuration can specify site-wide trace2 settings, which can be
    overridden with per-user configuration and environment variables.
    * jh/trace2-sid-fix:
      trace2: update docs to describe system/global config settings
      trace2: make SIDs more unique
      trace2: clarify UTC datetime formatting
      trace2: report peak memory usage of the process
      trace2: use system/global config for default trace2 settings
      config: add read_very_early_config()
      trace2: find exec-dir before trace2 initialization
      trace2: add absolute elapsed time to start event
      trace2: refactor setting process starting time
      config: initialize opts structure in repo_read_config()
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