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    Merge branch 'en/rebase-merge-on-sequencer' · 8fe9c3f2
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git rebase --merge" as been reimplemented by reusing the internal
    machinery used for "git rebase -i".
    * en/rebase-merge-on-sequencer:
      rebase: implement --merge via the interactive machinery
      rebase: define linearization ordering and enforce it
      git-legacy-rebase: simplify unnecessary triply-nested if
      git-rebase, sequencer: extend --quiet option for the interactive machinery
      am, rebase--merge: do not overlook --skip'ed commits with post-rewrite
      t5407: add a test demonstrating how interactive handles --skip differently
      rebase: fix incompatible options error message
      rebase: make builtin and legacy script error messages the same
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